Can you deliver on digital?

Housing associations want to deliver on digital. The problem, for many, is that they don't have the skills they need in-house. The obvious solution is to pay for external consultants, or to hire people with the appropriate level of skills. 

There is another way. 

In partnership with Digital Skills Solution, HACT has developed a digital apprenticeship scheme designed specifically for housing associations. 

It will help you develop the in-house skills you need to engage with your customers through digital channels. It will provide you with the analytical expertise you need to make the best use of big data. It will help you deliver your digital objectives. 

What's more, our scheme is no cost or low cost, due to the range of funding options we can help you to access. 

Want to find out more? Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch. 

This is an expression of interest.  Full confirmation of your funded apprenticeships will be shared following a talent strategy meeting.

Following interest from a number of housing associations, HACT is launching a London training hub early in the New Year – starting with L3 Digital Marketing and L4 Data Analysis apprenticeship training courses, tailored for the housing industry:

  • • Your digital marketing apprentice will help you engage with your customers. They’ll learn how to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms, in order to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention. 

  • • Your data analyst apprentice will help you to analyse your customer and operational data. They will learn how to collect, organise and study data that results in business insights and recommendations for improving business performance, whether it’s operational efficiency or the tenant experience. 

All apprenticeships require day release for 1 day per week, where learners will be taught in a classroom style setting. 

Whilst we are taking pledges for these courses starting in 2019 – we are also planning the next launch for Cyber Essentials and the IS Foundation programmes and will announce dates demand in each location has been fully understood. 

If your organisation doesn’t qualify for the levy, but you’re still interested, don’t despair! We have identified funds that can hep finance the training for miller organisations - as long as you can fund an apprentice at minimum wage (or more).

Home grow your digital talent pool 

London Programme 

Unique digital apprenticeships designed for the Housing sector;

      - L3 Digital Marketing (18 months)  

      - L4 Data Analysis (2 years)

      - L3 IS Foundation & Cyber Essentials (1 year)

      - L4 Cyber Security (2 years)

      - L4 IS Business Analysis (18 months)

- GCSEs entry requirement 

- 1 day per week day release

- Learning hubs identified in London | Manchester | Midlands

- Further locations will follow, based on demand 

- Starting in London with L3 Digital Marketing & L4 Data Analysis

Digital Apprenticeships at a Glance...

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